Quality and Food Safety Policy

For us at Lemon Square®, quality is always at the top of our priority. We stake our reputation on each product that goes into the trucks at every step of the way. That is why we abide by the strictest of food safety regulations in our employees and facilities, as well as our suppliers and partners.

Big 'E' Food Corporation, which envisions itself to become a global provider of delicious and nutritious food brands, is committed to provide safe food products that will satisfy and nourish its customers.

We shall ensure and continually improve the quality & safety of our products and processes by meeting all statutory and regulatory requirements through the involvement of all our stakeholders.

We shall ensure people development by

  • Leading and enhancing
  • Employee's competencies and
  • Morale through continuous training and monitoring for them to strive and become
  • Outstanding and motivated in their respective work processes &
  • Nurture positive & proactive attitude towards food safety, work, company and community

We shall endeavor that our

  • Suppliers and Partners are accredited and
  • Qualified to meet, comply,
  • Understand and update
  • All food Safety Requirements
  • Required for all products & services through
  • Elaboration, communication and close coordination

We shall achieve all of these through our

  • Binding effort to attain & sustain
  • Excellence, efficiency,
  • Faith in GOD and continuous monitoring towards our
  • Commitment to QUALITY & FOOD SAFETY

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